Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blog Hangover

Whew. Between creating this blog, joining Twitter and my husband’s acceptance and creation of his own facebook page, last night was like an online drunken night out on the town. I am totally technologically hung-over today.

However, I am having lunch with my favorite (and only) sister today and can’t wait! Not only do I get to see my sis, but I also get to eat out. In a restaurant. SANS CHILDREN. This means I can eat hot food, participate in adult chat (that will NOT include anything regarding Michael Jackson or the swine flu) and not have to request a broom and dust pan at the end of the meal. It must be an early Christmas for me!

Who knows… I may even put on lipstick OR blow dry my hair. Okay, okay – let’s not take it too far! I do have a hangover, after all.

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