Friday, August 7, 2009

T.G.I… What day is it?

Friday again? Am I the only one who feels like each week is a revolving door? I swear that time goes by so quickly, every time I wonder what day it is, it’s Friday again. Not that Friday is a bad thing, but I know with as quickly as the week days go by, the weekend will be over in the time it takes me to make a cup of coffee on my single serve coffee maker. …And just when it’s cool enough to drink – HELLO, MONDAY!

The weeks are so full of to-do lists and cyclical deadlines that I have to make every moment as interesting as possible so that I don’t fall into the routine funk. For instance, I try my hardest to make new recipes every week so that dinner time is much more exciting. …Or worrisome, but whatever… Though I don’t watch much television, I try to watch a show I’ve not seen before or at least not for a loooong while. I attempt to find a new, entertaining Website or Youtube video or blog. I search for the ultimate, fresh find in Target’s dollar aisles. God love Target.

Luckily, I have very comical and energetic children to keep me on my toes, too. Take last night, for example. Lanie, who is almost 4 years old, prayed that God would let a butterfly land on her finger today. This is also the child who believes that she has deadlines to write sketches because that is her “work.” Oh, and the one who also has choreographed her own dance/singing part of Fergie in the song, “Boom Boom Pow.” And she REALLY believes that these are her purposes in life and that the world is depending on her to come through.

My 2 year old, Jace, has really had a hard time forming any real words. He babbles constantly, but only recently have we had any idea as to what he’s saying. However, he is still so funny. He loves to babble off what sounds like jokes and then fake laughs. The fake laughing is so hilarious that we totally crack up. He also likes to pick up Lanie’s guitar and strum while he babbles a made-up song. He always has big finishes where he throws his hands up and holds his position while we clap.

Total hams.

I am just thankful I have those two to really keep things spicy. I never know what to expect from either one and I like it that way! They certainly keep every moment interesting. Now, if I could just create a time machine to keep them this way…

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