Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Jolly Holiday with Mary

My sister Mandy and I took my daughter Lanie to see the Mary Poppins musical in Cleveland yesterday. As expected, it was awesome. It did end up being a tad bit too long for us, but we loved it nonetheless.

It was like the movie, but had some new songs/scenes and some of the original ones fell in a different order than in the movie. The actors were amazing. Their voices were absolutely beautiful! The new songs/scenes were fitting to the other changes they made to the story. There was one dream scene that was a little dark for some of the younger children, but certainly added some spice!

Being that Lanie is just about to turn 4 years old, I wasn’t sure how she’d like the whole theater experience, but she was smitten as soon as the lights dimmed. She did REALLY well for a show that was almost 3 hours long. There were a couple of points where she almost fell asleep, but I expected that after our 2+ hours drive to Cleveland from Columbus.

There were a few more points of interest outside of the actual production. And I am going to list them now:

~ To the lady who sat directly behind me – quit singing every freaking song during the musical. Most everyone there knows the songs or else we’d probably not be there, but were we all singing loudly? Hell no. And we don’t like you doing it, either. We also don’t appreciate the fact that during each quiet moment, you kept giving your child a run down of what was going to happen next. And you provided your opinion. You said things like, “Ooh, this is the part where (blah, blah) and it’s reaaaaly a boring part, but then comes (blah, blah) and they move all over the stage like crazy! Everyone is going to love it and then clap.”

I am sure you are also the person who, in the regular movie theater, chats on your cell phone or laughs obnoxiously or spoils the end. We hate you.

~ To the lady who was to our right – next time you leave a musical to go to the bathroom, please don’t bang on the Emergency Exit door upon your return. The entire section allowed you to knock and knock and knock like a jackass for far too long. Do you like being ignored? And do you also like being stared down and shot with eye laser beams when you were finally let in and walked to your seat?

Next time, use the regular entrance into the theater like everyone else. And I hope that you sat in someone else’s pee on the commode. Only a loooong trail of toilet paper hanging from your pants would have been icing on that cake.

~ To the lady walking out of the theater behind me – I am shocked that you said aloud, “I can’t believe all of the kids here. Why would you bring a child to this show when you KNOW they can’t hold still that long?” Um, Grandma Crabbypants, you do realize this was “Mary Poppins,” right? A beloved movie for people of all ages, particularly children.

Do you also realize that you smell like pee and took 20 minutes to get to the end of the aisle during the show, blocking our view from the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene? Yeah, we’re just as delighted you could join us for the show. Maybe you can meet us at the Wiggles concert in a few weeks and beat down Dorothy the Dinosaur with your cane in front of all the children.

There were also a few precious moments of note with Lanie. During the quiet lulls of the musical, Lanie exclaimed loudly from my lap:

~ “Mommy, I have a HUGE boog!” Meaning booger. In her nose. It was all I could do to keep her from parading it around the theater. People stared.

~ “Can we open mouth kiss, Mama?” Ummm… whaaaat? Are you serious? Where did she get THAT from and why did she have to ask me at that moment? People all around us laughed. I laughed, too. Only to mask my near-debilitating embarrassment.

~ She also, however, did give me lots of squeezes and repeatedly said, “Thank you SO much for bringing me here, Mama.” Somehow, those words made me forget the embarrassing parts.

And that was our trip to Mary Poppins. I would highly recommend you go if you have any interest. Just be sure to avoid sitting next to mean older people and bring a muzzle for those around you who feel they should be on stage singing right along with the cast.

Check out pictures from our trip in my Flickr photo badge.

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