Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Lazycation

Because my vacation time expires at the end of August (we’re on an academic year), I have crammed lots of time off in this summer season. Though I’ve taken the time, I don’t actually go anywhere, but rather stay at home and get stuff done, in theory. In fact, the last time we took an actual vacation was in November 2004. And then we had kids.

I’m a very motivated person. I typically have a really full plate. Really, really full. Like mashed-potatoes-and-gravy-spilling-over-the-side-of-my-plate sort of full. To accomplish everything, I drink lots of coffee and lack in the required amount of sleep. Being that I have so much to do, one would think that I am able to catch up, perhaps even get ahead, during these days off.

Not really.

I find that if I have pockets of “free” time, I am motivated to do nothing at all. And when I am so busy that I am multitasking at even inappropriate times (such as talking to students online while changing a diaper and checking my Facebook simultaneously), I get my crap done. All of it. It’s the only way I can ensure I meet my deadlines. And that my kids get baths. And that we eat dinner. And that I take time to brush my teeth each morning.

I am pretty sure I get dumber with time off, too. I find myself wandering aimlessly around my house taking note of everything I need to accomplish and then deciding which day next week (when I’m no longer on vacation) I’ll complete the tasks. I also find myself pondering things like who my celebrity crushes are, why Wendy’s fries sometimes have an okra taste to me, what t.v. channels I would program as my favorites and what “fall” color my hair will be this coming season. Duhhhhhhh…

I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track starting on Monday. To be functional again. To be productive again. To start reclaiming my smarts. And so that my kids don’t look like little Pigpens anymore.

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