Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last night, I was putting our 4 year old, Lanie, to bed. Nearing the end of her prayer, I could tell she was feeling inspired. Instead of the typical, “Bless Mama, Daddy, Lanie & Jace and everyone we love,” she added a whole host of names of people we know. To close, we always say a big, “A-men!” But this time I was the only one to shout it. I curiously glanced at Lanie and she asked, “Mommy, instead of amen, can we end with I-O?”

I was very confused and asked her to clarify. She said that she thinks God would want us to end with I – O, as if throughout the prayer, her God is prompting her by chanting, “O-H…”

I laughed hysterically, which I regretted because she was completely serious and a little upset that I found her request so funny. I explained that she could end her prayers with whatever she felt comfortable with.

I imagine that Buckeye, the God of OSU, is beaming right now…

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